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Caroline G. Atkinson School
Grades 5 and 6
58 W. Seaman Avenue
Freeport, NY 11520
Tel: (516) 867-5265

Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School, affectionately known as Atkinson, is the lower middle school in the district. The 5th and 6th Grade students enter our building with a thirst for knowledge and leave quenched with new found information.

The Atkinson teachers inspire their students each and everyday to develop the skills and attain the knowledge necessary to become responsible, productive citizens both in and out of school. Our students are taught to respect one another and appreciate one another's differences through our school's theme of Unity through Diversity.

Our staff takes pride in providing our children with the best possible atmosphere for learning to take place. We prepare our students for the rigorous New York State exams during and after school. Our academic programs such as Homework Club, Social Studies Academy, and Saturday ELA and Math Academies all strengthen the children's skills. Our Science Lab is a hands-on learning environment as are our two Computer Labs. These labs are utilized all week long. To make history come alive the teachers have created Pioneer Day for the 5th grade and Renaissance Day for the 6th grade.

To help create well-rounded individuals we also have an array of clubs and groups for the children to enhance their creative sides. Some of these activities are: Atkinson Attitude (newspaper), 21st Century, Art Club, Step and Drill Team, Running Club, Drama and Intramurals just to name a few.

We have reached out to the surrounding communities and brought in teachers from the Tilles Center and our very own village police department with the Freeport P.A.L.

We invite the community to join us and see for themselves that Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School staff are committed to its Tradition of Excellence┬Ł.