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Professional Development Plan (PDP) Committee

Works with district to provide a professional development plan that will guide all of the professional training and development of our members, including the mentoring and orientation of our new members. The plan will impact the summative evaluation process by creating a teacher improvement plan. The plan will develop a time table for the implementation of short and long term plans for professional development. Our goal is to have a representative group of FTA members that hopefully represent all buildings, professions, and disciplines that make up the FTA.  

Professional Development Focus Committee

This committee will meet to provide information about PD from each building in response to needs of the PDP committee. This committee will also be charged with developing and promoting a vision for programmatic and systemic change of delivery and content of curriculum to the District. This committee will be comprised of members from the different subgroups that make up our membership.

APPR Committee

This group will be comprised of members from different classroom tenure areas. The job of this committee is to review the current plan, discuss any issues that need to be addressed, and change the plan as required by law. This committee will also make recommendations on professional development that may be needed by the membership.

Co-curricular Committee

When needed, adjusts the points rating basis for co-curricular stipends. Reviews requests by co-curricular advisors to have their clubs or activities added to the paid extra-curricular activities list or to have their stipends changed based upon a revision of their points basis.

Constitution Review and Revision Committee

This committee is charged to review and make recommendations for change of our constitution when deemed appropriate or necessary. These changes will then be voted upon by the entire membership.

Professional Practices Committee

This committee is comprised of the President, Vice Presidents, Grievance Chair, and Professional Development Chair and meets with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Special Projects, Executive Director for Business, and Executive Director. Current issues that arise during the year are discussed.

Technology Focus Committee

Charged with developing vision of technology for the membership. We should not have to take what is presented as the best or wisest direction for technology in our school workplace. We should be able to be recommend changes that must be made or should be made based on our research.

Negotiations Team

Members are elected by the Executive Board and the President and negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract under which our members work and bring a Memorandum of Agreement to our members for a ratification vote. We are currently in third year of a seven year contract and have no immediate need for the negotiations team to be active.

Educational Activism Committee

This committee is comprised of members form every building who are charged with bringing information back to the members in their buildings about the current issues that directly impact or could in the future impact the profession of education, or some sub component of education. They are also expected to be involved with efforts as defined by this committee to be proactively engaged in pushing for changes that are positive for our profession and/or working against changes that are dangerous to our profession and our livelihoods.

Internal Organizing Committee

This committee is designed to take the pulse of our membership and to better engage our membership, and to organize events or actions that accomplish these goals. Our union is only as strong as is the engagement of our members in the affairs of our union.

Site Based Teams

We need to have members from each building that are selected by the FTA to the team for shared decision making. This is a state mandated unit comprised of members from all of the bargaining units, students, and parents.

Health and Safety Committees

We need to make sure that we have FTA representation on the Health and Safety committee in each building. This committee should already be in existence. Ask your principal when the first meeting is to take place if not already in place. This is where we can ascertain how all of the construction work in each building will affect us, where we can find out if there are any health issues we need to be aware of, and where we should be getting information on any possible flu outbreaks, etc. We should also be chartering physical members have with students and the actions taken by the District. The meetings should take place at a time when any member we choose can attend, or that member should have coverage arranged to attend the meetings.

Health and Safety Research Group

This is a new group that I want to form to research our concerns about the air quality of the buildings in which we work, and about the issues of excessive heat in our buildings. Members of this group will be charged with compiling the history of suspected health concerns such as rooms or buildings causing respiratory problems for our members, as well as buildings where excessive heat is an issue for members. They will need to chart illnesses, gather medical documentation of illnesses and notifications to district or representatives (principals) of concerns, actions taken after concerns noted, etc. If we want to make a real change we need to have a strong and compelling case. We need at least one member from each building that has concerns, but more members are welcome.

ED 18

Group that represents local unions in the area and deals with common issues facing locals in our area-our delegates serve three year terms. This is the second of the three year cycle. Members must be elected by our union members to be part of ED18. Our President and Political Action Chairperson, and 4 other members represent our union in our local Election District 18 of NYSUT and at the Representative Assembly of NYSUT (meets annually), and at the AFT convention (meets every other year). The election of these members is next scheduled in May of 2018.