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Researchers found 400 times more bacteria on a desktop than on a toilet seat.

Schools are the most germ-filled workplaces, a recent study reports. Researchers found that phones, desks and keyboards used by teachers harbor up to 20 times more bacteria per square inch than those in other workplaces. "It's not that surprising, because teachers' clients are kids -- a germ's best friend," says lead researcher Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona professor of environmental microbiology. Runners-up: bankers and accountants.

The study found 400 times more bacteria on a desktop than on a toilet seat. One factor: Information addicts are spending even more time at their work spaces. And janitors usually won't sanitize desks, because they consider them to be personal areas.

Who didn't make the top spots: physicians. Says Gerba, "Doctors wash their hands often and spend little time at their desks."

Bottom line: Clean your desktop, keyboard, mouse and phone daily. Use a disinfectant and a paper towel, or a disposable wipe. Avoid water fountains; viruses and bacteria love the moist, spit-laden environment.

As for the least germy job? Attorney. Apparently even germs won't cross paths with the law.

(Reprinted from USA Weekend, June 2-4, 2006)