Volume 1 Issue 1

Septeber, 2009

   FTA Association


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     A Message From Our President

Welcome Back

             Challenges present opportunities.  We face many challenges in our jobs, thus we are presented with many opportunities.  We have opportunities to redefine ourselves and redefine our workplace.  We have opportunities to redefine our relationships with our colleagues and redefine our relationships with administration.  We also have the opportunity to redefine how our union of professionals, the Freeport Teachers Association, can work more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the membership. 

My goal for this and the coming years is to work towards redefining our union of professionals to work more efficiently and effectively together to meet the challenges of our times  These challenges will affect the terms and conditions of our contract.  These challenges will affect the way we prepare and conduct our professional duties.  These challenges will affect our schools systemically and structurally.  These challenges will affect the students that we serve and the community in which we work.  These challenges will affect our members.  My goal will only be realized if WE take a cooperative and collegial approach.

Challenges present opportunities, but the work to benefit from these opportunities will not be easy. We will be frustrated at times. We will not be error free in all of our decisions. At times we will need to be spontaneous, creative, and innovative. We may challenge some long held belief systems, but as long as we are inclusive in our approach, then we will be the better for our efforts. I feel very confident that we will benefit from the many opportunities that will be presented to us in the years ahead.


I can be reached at Stuart.Napear@freeportteachers.org

Stuart Napear FTA President

Text Box: FTA Office-442-0373
Central Administration

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In an effort to be more efficient, more cost effective, and more environmentally sensitive, we will be going paperless by the end of this month. 

Starting  October 1, 2009, all communications by the leadership of the union with the members of our union will be by e-mail, via the website, by phone, or in person.  If we send out a general e-mail and you are not on our e-mail list, you will not be contacted in any other manner.

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