Freeport Teachers Association
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Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School:
A Passport to Learning
Grades K to 4
450 S. Ocean Ave.
Freeport, NY 11520
Tel: 516-867-5260

Meet the new 2016 Giblyn Teachers

“Do you know who we are? We’re the Giblyn Superstars!” These are the words to our school song, written by our own staff members! While these words are meant to be about the students, they definitely apply to our teachers as well! Giblyn is a school that is full of dedicated, talented, intelligent, and fun teachers. You will find many teachers who continue taking classes and getting degrees to further their own education. In doing so, they are modeling for our students the importance of an education. As we all know, there is a lot of testing in our education system right now and the teachers at Giblyn are dedicated to helping our students succeed at these tests, while also providing them with a well-rounded, exciting education. In addition to our regular school day, Giblyn teachers partake in after-school activities such as homework helpers, extended day, dance club, yearbook club, coaching sports teams, and some new clubs we hope to introduce this year (keep checking this page to see what they are)!