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How To Make Labels That You Can Type On Your Computer

(This is useful for envelopes.)


  1. Find out the size of the label on which you are going to print.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  1. On the menu bar under tools, click and select envelopes and labels.

  1. Click on the labels tab.

  1. Click on new options.

  1. Choose label size and product. For example Avery Standard 5160 is a basic, address size label on a sheet.  5162 is 1.33 x 4.

  1. Click O.K.

  1. Click on New document.

  1. You should see a layout that matches the label sheet on which you wish to print.

If it does not look the same do this over again with different choice in label size.

  1. Type your labels. You can save if you do not finish and continue another time. You can change your font and size.


    When you go to print try first on paper rather than on the labels to see which way to place labels. Some printers print from the bottom side of the paper which means you have to put the label sheet upside face down.