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New Visions School

(Grades K to 4)
80 Raynor St.
Freeport, NY 11520 -4527
(516) 867-5390

Archived events at New Visions School

New Visions Teachers and Nurse Present at HNET Conference at Hofstra University

On Saturday, March 12th nine teachers and the school nurse from New Visions presented at the HNET conference at Hofstra University. The conference, which is attended by teachers and student teachers, offers workshops on best practices. The teachers who taught gardes K-4 presented a workshop on reading and writing.

Jodi Dispigno and Bonnie Murphy spoke about the Kindergarten writer�s workshop and how to integrate writing with a reading theme. Mary La Motta and Matt Tetenbaum presented a PowerPoint on using poetry in the classroom and how to get students hooked on writing.

Kristin Duffy spoke about how to integrate writers workshop in the fourth grade, she also showed small clip on students discussing the process of writing. Lambrini Kavadias and John Woodward showed how to make Pizza Box Portfolios and Lissette Demm exposed the audience to questioning during reading. Donna Lulay and Toni Pincus told the group of the collaboration of writing a class book involving the school�s rescue dog Raleigh.

Along with the teachers, Principal Renee Crump and Assistant Principal Susan DeLuca joined the group to speak about New Visions School

Past events at New Visions School

SQUARE 1 ART - Fundraiser

FTA members Gina O'Connor and Roseann Penna did it again!

We raised over $ 1500.00

Square 1 Art is a unique fundraiser that celebrates creativity in children. Every child at New Visions had the opportunity to create a picture and order items with their artwork on it. Some things that were ordered were mugs, key chains, magnets and calendars.

This is our second year and we hope to continue the tradition next year!

Member Spotlight

Dr. Marie Codispoti of New Visions School received her PhD in Education in August 2010. With her experience in doctoral level work, Dr. Codispoti plans to help her colleagues to collect and interpret student data for the purpose of achieving academic excellence. As the new Project Challenge teacher at new Visions, Dr. Codispoti promotes questioning and analysis for individual growth and positive social change.

She is a published author of two children's books: Listen to the Sound of My Voice: A Collection of Poems for Mothers and Daughters, and Little Blue Spruce of Firelight Forest. She is also the author of an educational research study entitled, Adolescent Literacy and School Structure: A Comparative Case Study.