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Run PowerPoint Your Way

Your students have created a wonderful PowerPoint show for Science Fair, and you want to set up PowerPoint to keep the show running during the fair. You also want to "hide" a few slides that Science Fair attendees won't need to see. And you want to send the slide show home so all parents, whether they have PowerPoint on their computers or not, can see their children's work. Can you do it? Of course you can!

Keep It Going
Run a PowerPoint show over and over again.

To run a continuous PowerPoint show at a Science Fair, Parent's Night, or any other event, open the slide show you want to use, go to Slide Show > Set Up Show, click Browse at a Kiosk, and then click OK.

Keep it Specific
Hide a few slides.

Have you created a PowerPoint presentation that you want to show to two or more audiences, but not every slide is appropriate for all audiences? Hide slides you don't want to include in a particular presentation: Open the slide show, go to a slide you want to hide, and click Slide Show>Hide Slide. The slide is still visible in the layout you see, but when you run the show, the slide won't appear.

Keep it Viewable
Make sure everyone can see your show.

Even students and parents who don't have PowerPoint at home can see your presentations if the files are saved as a ".pps" (PowerPoint Show), instead of as a ".ppt" (PowerPoint File).