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Reference Resources You Can Use

Are you looking for a definition, a biography, a prediction of rain in the upcoming summer months, or a map of Uganda? Try some of these great reference resources.

What's Another Word For...?
MS Word provides a thesaurus, too.

In addition to the more well-known spell check feature, Microsoft Office also provides a thesaurus. In a Word document, highlight the word you want a synonym for, then click Tools>Thesaurus.

How Can I Find...?
Get free tools from Google.

How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? What invention is this patent number for? What's the definition of the word balderdash? For answers to those questions, as well as access to calculators and other free online tools, check out Google's Web Search Features.

Why Won't MS Word Let Me Spell It...?
Add words to Microsoft Office's dictionary.

Do you frequently use an abbreviation, proper name, or term that Microsoft Office's spell check feature thinks is spelled incorrectly? Save time by adding that word to the Office dictionary. Type the word in a Word document and then go to Tools>Spelling and Grammar. When Word says the word is misspelled, click Add (not Ignore!) and the program will add the word to the dictionary.

An Online Reference Desk for Students!

Have students in grades 2-8 go to Yahooligan's Reference section for age-appropriate resources for basic research activities.